Who Is Twiggy and Why Does She Speak?

Who Is Twiggy and Why Does She Speak?

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Twiggy is our beloved rescue dog who we adopted in August 2016. She has big ideas, rather above her doggy station, and likes to reflect upon them in the quietude of her basket. Every now and then she is inspired to speak, and share her musings with her friends.

As a dog thinketh, so is she…

– Twiggy

Big Thinker

Twiggy is concerned with:

  • Universal principles
  • Snacks
  • The nature of existence
  • Receiving belly rubs as an unselfish service to man
  • Spreading joy to her human brothers and sisters
  • The procurement of devotion from her human friends to Twiggy-Self, another selfless service activity to release mankind from the tyranny of the ego
  • Cultivating right relations between the human and animal kingdoms. (Rant from Twiggy: The vegetables and minerals can get stuffed! Sometimes I am hard-pressed to tell the difference between man and beast! Surely that is enough for one little canine (however exalted) to contemplate?!)
  • Perfecting her “Blue Steel” look


Belly rub invitation
Belly rub invitation


Twiggy Speaks

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Woowoowoowoo! Bonjour! Je m'appelle Twiggy. I keep an eye on things here at The Inspiration Cloud and make sure Maman has her priorities straight: moi, walkies, snacks, other irrelevant blah blah blah...

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