#99: Train Your Brain And Balance Your Nervous System With Alison Leitheiser

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Train Your Brain And Balance Your Nervous System With Alison Leitheiser

This week on the Sort Yourself Out Podcast I’m joined by my special guest Alison Leitheiser to discuss how to train your brain and balance your nervous system.


Alison has an amazing story that is truly astonishing and inspiring.
When she was 16, Alison went from beng an athlete aspiring to the Olympics, to quadriplegic. While her friends were picking out their prom dresses, Alison wasn’t sure if she would live.

When the conventional medical system wrote her off, Alison’s family turned to natural therapies and within a short period of time Alison was restored to full function.

Her journey to overcome her health issues changed the course of her life, as she found a passion for helping others find hope and healing.

Alison started her path as an alternative health care practitioner in 2002, and started her own clinical practice in 2009. Today she loves helping people through their health challenges and to find their way to wellness, so they feel better, can participate in life more and reclaim their health!

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to change, update and train your brain
  • Dealing with the enormous amount of stress we are all under in modern times
  • How to go from “fight, flight and freeze” mode to “rest, digest and heal” mode
  • Brain drills (techniques) to refresh your brain and nervous system
  • Why gargling is way more than you think it is!
  • How to prepare your brain and body for the events of the day
  • Training your brain to improve hormonal balance
  • And loads more!

Get in touch with Alison Leitheiser:

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