#95: Connect With Your Spirit Guides with Deepa Liu

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Connect With Your Spirit Guides with Deepa Liu

This week I’m talking to Deepa Liu, who is going to be discussing spirit guides, and how connecting with our spirit guides can help us to sort ourselves out.


Deepa is a Sacred Artist, Spiritual Success Coach, Interfaith Minister, and cofounder of Magnify Your Miracles Membership. She works with spiritual seekers, healers, creatives, highly sensitive people and heart based entrepreneurs to feel the Divine Presence, develop their intuition, connect with their spirit guides, and find and fulfill their purpose.

In this episode:

  • The belief we really need to let go of in order to connect with our guides
  • Who our spirit guides are and how they help us
  • The role of intuition in spiritual growth and personal fulfilment
  • The ways that spirit is speaking to us at all times
  • The importance of acting on your guidance
  • How to honour where you are in your spiritual journey
  • Why we need to get clear on our purpose
  • How our guides help us to know our next step
  • And loads more!

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