#85: Avoiding Pitfalls On The Road To Happiness With Amy Powell

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Avoiding Pitfalls On The Road To Happiness With Amy Powell

This week transformation coach and happiness guide Amy Powell is joining me to discuss some of the pitfalls we encounter on the road to happiness, and more importantly, how we can avoid them.


In this episode:

  • Events from childhood that cause us to disconnect from our uniqueness.
  • Amy’s pivotal 6 month “No buy challenge” that led her to sort herself out.
  • The ways consumerism and advertising foster dissatisfaction with our lives.
  • Why we lose touch with our happiness over time.
  • The importance of embracing our humanity and our path of evolution.
  • Amy shares really helpful tips to help us connect more deeply with ourselves.

That’s not all Amy shares, as she is offering listeners an amazing opportunity to book a free 1 hour call with her to discover what's holding you back from living your most fulfilled, dream life. 


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