#84: Do You Need To Be Vegetarian On The Spiritual Path?

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This week we’re addressing a big question about life on the spiritual path. Should you be vegetarian? Is meat an appropriate food for one seeking enlightenment?


This is a topic that we could argue about all day! Vegetarianism and veganism are often very emotional topics, and people have very strong views.

So I imagine that I am going to be ruffling some feathers in this episode!

There are lots of considerations here, but I want to look more deeply at some of the teachings from the Ageless Wisdom about vegetarianism, so you can decide for yourself where you stand and what’s right for you.

Because here’s the thing, not all paths are right for all people. We are all at different stages in our spiritual unfoldment,  and at different stages of consciousness. So we can’t make blanket statements that everyone should do this or that. And this is true for vegetarianism too.

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