#82: Raise Your Awareness And Quality Of Life

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This week we’re discussing how to raise our awareness and how raising our awareness improves the quality of our life.


So first of all, why do we want to raise our awareness and what does it really mean? 

Well, it’s about learning what’s going on in our thought life and our emotional life. We want to be aware of the way we are relating to others and ourselves, and the effect that we are having in the world.

The Hermetic injunction, “Man, know thyself” is very important to helping us create a harmonious life, and a harmonious world. It is also vital that we know ourselves if we want to move forward on the spiritual path. 

We need to be able to look at our own lives and what’s holding us back, the issues that need resolving, and in the bigger picture, we need to come into the understanding of who we really are.

In raising our awareness, there are widespread implications and benefits, not just for our own well-being and quality of life, but that of the whole, the Allself.

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