#81: Cultivate This Quality To Uplift Yourself And The World

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This week we’re discussing a single quality that you can cultivate to totally turn your life around: harmlessness.


This is such a powerful quality because of the universal laws that we live by here on earth. These are the laws of karma, cause and effect, and the law of attraction. These laws are really all one. They apply to us as individualised sparks of divinity in relationship with one another here on the earth plane.

As souls in incarnation we are all on the spiritual path of developing right relations. This means having a right relationship with ourselves, knowing who we are, divine beings, and living our lives as if we really know this.

It also means having right relations with others, treating all other life with love and respect, and creating conditions that are for the good of the whole, and not just our poor little beleaguered egos!

This is where harmlessness comes in. The practice of harmlessness is the ONE THING that is going to help you create right relations as well as satisfying causes and effects, and thus balance your karma and attract good things into your life.

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