#80: Living Spiritually In Daily Life

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This week we’re discussing how we can anchor spirituality into our daily existence. That’s what being spiritual is all about, right? Becoming more and more of our spiritual self, and less of the little self, the ego.


Now in the Ageless Wisdom, this is known as spiritual livingness. And this is what we are meant to be doing as people who are consciously treading the spiritual path.

This is about walking the talk and putting our money where our mouth is. It’s about expressing our true values through our life activities.

Now, very often, we, as curious spiritual seekers, absorb enormous quantities of information relating to spiritual growth and enlightenment, but we don’t apply what we learn in our daily lives. 

This can become a negative factor in our lives, that can actually hold us back on the path.

It’s not about simply knowing stuff intellectually, but about bringing what we know into practical expression. This is how knowledge becomes wisdom. 

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