#79: Better Than Fake It Till You Make It

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You’ve heard that bit of advice that’s on everyone’s lips about making change in your life, “fake it till you make it?”


Well, this week we’re discussing a better way than that. A higher way. This is a technique that I have learned through my studies of the Ageless Wisdom.

This technique is called Acting As If. 

It’s different to the fake it till you make it idea. “Fake it till you make it” is related to the lower self action in the world, the ego.

Acting As If is related to the soul, as we seek to embody the qualities, purpose and power of the soul in daily life, and to eventually bring that into manifestation on the physical plane.

So we need to get away from the ego level of creation, and begin to trust that it is our divine right as human beings to learn to wield this powerful creative energy. Divine creative energy.

And when we are in touch with that kind of energy we will bring through higher manifestations that are in alignment with our soul’s purpose for this incarnation. And that’s what we’re here to do!

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