#76: Live A More Meaningful Life

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Would you like to know how to bring more meaning into your life? We all have this need to lead meaningful lives and bringing more meaning into life is one of the ways that we uplift ourselves and others.


Today we’re pulling aside the veil of ordinary existence to look behind the scenes and gain a greater understanding of what’s going on at a deeper level, or a higher level. This is where the meaningful stuff resides, deep and high!

One way we can live more meaningfully is to understand energies and forces. This understanding can have a huge impact on improving your life, as you realise the ways that energies are playing out in your life.

We look at your motivations and what is driving you into activity. Is it the forces of your lower self? Or the energies from your soul?

We look at how an understanding of cause and effect will set you on the path to your higher purpose, greater love and joy, as you:

  • Free yourself from the ass-end of effects that feed your lower nature and keep you stuck in dysfunction.
  • Become “at cause”, to produce satisfying, fulfilling, uplifting and edifying life experience by operating from the energies that emanate from the soul.

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