#74: Are You Actually Ready to Sort Yourself Out?

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This week we’re looking at the aspect of timing in your readiness, or not, to sort yourself out.

Many people feel like they want to make a change. They KNOW they need to make a change. They try again and again, but they just can’t seem to make it stick.


Maybe you’ve noticed this in your life? Or you feel like you know what you need to do, you know the steps to take, but you just cannot make yourself do it.

We usually have to be really motivated to make a change in our lives, to break out of our habitual patterns of behaviour, of thinking, of being. These things can be hard work, and if we are not sufficiently motivated, or if the stakes are not high enough, we may find ourselves backsliding, reverting to the old unwanted ways, or making false start after false start.

Sometimes we need to hit rock bottom or have a serious scare or get totally fed up before we’ll make the change we KNOW we need to make, and succeed at making it permanent. 

But here is the major point about being ready to sort ourselves out: We have to reach that point where it’s less painful to make the change, than to carry on as we are. 

And as in my case I discuss today, sometimes our own idea for the change we need to make is too narrow and limiting, and our soul has bigger ideas for us! There are lots of unknowable energies at work in the world that lead us to make a change when the timing is right, and when we will most benefit from it.

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