#73: How To Manage Your Mind

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This week we’re looking at how you can better manage your mind.

Learning how to manage my mind was a massive contributor to improving my well-being. Big-time!


So many of us feel powerless over what’s going on in our minds. But it’s really important that we learn to master our minds, rather than our minds mastering us!

This will involve raising our awareness and achieving a level of mindfulness to become aware of what’s going on betwixt our ears. Without that awareness, we’re at the mercy of our conditioning, all those ideas about ourselves and about life that we absorbed as children and that have become a part of the operating system that is the subconscious mind. 

You may have heard that phrase “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but that’s not how things work. It’s actually the other way around. We see the world according to our beliefs. 

Thoughts are creative energy that attract experiences to us. And the universe always provides us with people and circumstances that match our beliefs. For good or ill, it reflects back to us what we believe. 

So join me this week to discuss how to manage your mind and uplift your well-being, and influence what you attract into your life.

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