#72: Top 3 Ways To Be Better Than Happy

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This week we’re discussing my top 3 ways to be better than happy.

My very first podcast episode, about a year and half ago, was entitled How To Be Better Than Happy.


It was a topic that really struck a chord with people, so much so that I decided to name my membership after this idea of being better than happy.

This week I’m revisiting that topic. But a year and a half on, my ideas on how to be better than happy have developed even more, so my top 3 ways have shifted a bit from those in that first episode.

What does being better than happy really mean? It means having a deep inner sense of well-being. It means feeling good in your own skin, loving yourself as you are and having a good sense of your own self-worth. It’s about feeling inner peace in your life, even though all may not be going as you’d like.

So join me as we discuss the main ideas about being better than happy. Ideas that, when we embrace them, set us onto a stable foundation of personal integrity, fulfillment and joy, through which happiness will ebb and flow, but through which we can remain serene in our sense of inner peace.

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