#71: Release The Past, Embrace The Future

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Here we are in April, many months on from our new year’s resolutions. Hopefully you’re hanging in there, really moving forward with your goals and plans.


The Fast Track To Joy 5 Day Challenge

But many of us will be feeling discouraged. We made the resolutions, and we may even have stuck with them for a while, but then we fell off the wagon and reverted to our old ways, feeling discouraged, disheartened and even calling ourselves a failure.

But you don’t have to call this a failure, or let it define the rest of your year or your beliefs about yourself.

This usually means that your inner software is out of date. So although you may consciously desire to change, you have unconscious programs running the show, that conflict with your new ideas.

But at every moment you have the power to begin again, to make a fresh start.

Who you are today, is creating who you will be in the future. Your thoughts, and your focus of attention, and the quality of that attention, are determining your future circumstances. 

Join me for this week’s Sort Yourself Out Podcast, as we discuss how to release the past, and embrace your future.

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