#69: Spring Clean Your Being On All Levels

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Woohoo! Spring is here, and this week we’re discussing how you can spring clean your being on all levels.

Spring is an excellent time of year to not just give the house a once over, but also yourself!  


The Fast Track To Joy 5 Day Challenge

And if you’re in the southern hemisphere, good news, autumn is the other traditional time to have a little cleanse, so you’re not left out!

So what does a spring clean on all levels mean? Well, we’re talking about how to clean out the crap on not just the physical level, but also on emotional and mental levels.

This is really important, as often it's the bad emotional and mental habits that create problems on the physical level, that is, in our physical bodies, or even more generally on the physical plane, in terms of the circumstances and events we bring about due to poor, sloppy or misguided mental and emotional ways of being.

So this week I’m sharing a few simple things you can do to freshen yourself up and get your energies stirring as we head into spring.

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