#65: The Art Of Self-Tweaking

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This week we’re discussing the art of self-tweaking. What the hell is that, you say?


Well, I don’t know if self-tweaking is a thing, or if I made that name up. But I like it because it really reflects the nature of personal growth and how we effect change in our lives. Also, it amuses me a bit too! Self-tweaking! Hmmmm.

So often we want to make change in our lives, and we want it done yesterday! But this is just not realistic, and we put too much pressure on ourselves when we expect nigh-on miraculous change to occur.

We also bring up all sorts of resistance when we have such high expectations. And then we crack, we crash and burn, and then, we usually beat ourselves up about it, and hate ourselves, and we’re worse off than we started out! 

For the most part, this is just not the way change occurs in our lives. Lasting change is made incrementally. That’s why I’ve called it self-tweaking. It is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Join me as we discuss how to move through incremental growth with ease, and the main things to consider for effective and balanced self-tweaking.

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