#63: Easy Ways To Cultivate Self-Love Part 2

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Valentine’s Day is just a couple of days away. Rather than focusing on romantic love, I want to discuss how you can love YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day.


Even if you’re listening long after Valentine’s Day, this issue is still incredibly relevant. Feeling like we’re not good enough is a widespread human malaise these days.

Unless you’ve done work on yourself to improve your self-esteem, or unless you grew up with enlightened masters as your carers (!), chances are you could benefit from learning to love yourself, or as I suggested last week, give yourself a little top-up of self-love, to keep your energies and well-being high.

This week I share several easy techniques to cultivate self-love that you can start using today, to uplift your well-being, and share the love!

Also this week:

  • How self-love enables you to truly love others.
  • Why others love being around people who love themselves.
  • How to release neediness and validate yourself.
  • The importance of self-compassion.
  • Why you DESERVE love.
  • The reason for love’s healing powers.


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