#52: How To Make The Right Choices

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This week we’re discussing how to get out of analysis paralysis, and make that dang decision!


I bet there have been times in your life where you’ve had an important decision to make, but you hummed and you hawed, and you hummed and you hawed, and you just didn’t know what the right thing was.

Or you made a decision, or thought you had, and then you flip-flopped around, doubting yourself and the decision you made, so you changed your mind… And then you wondered whether that was a good idea!

It can be so tricky sometimes to know what is best. But if we don’t want to get stuck in analysis paralysis, then we’ve just got to get out of our own way, choose something according to our best and highest feeling about it at the time, and make the leap!

I also discuss MY leap, and reveal the new name of my upcoming membership, formerly known as the Inner Circle!

Join me this week as we discuss ways to help you to make the right decision and avoid dealing with regret and self-doubt down the line.


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