#51: Be Your Own Guru

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The Inner Circle is coming soon!

Are you ready to transform your well-being and amplify and your positive impact in the world?

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You hear about a self-help or spiritual teacher or guru, and you think At LAST! This is the person that is finally going to sort me out! 


You eagerly buy the book or enroll in the program, invest your time, money, attention and energy, but before long, those 10 proven steps that seemed like exactly what you needed, just aren’t doing it for you anymore. They weren’t a good fit afterall, and didn’t get you the results they promised.

But that’s OK, because a shiny new guru has burst into your awareness, and you’re off again, investing your time, money, and energy following THOSE proven steps that seem indispensable to your future well-being! 

But after a little while, you find that they are all too dispensable. Because that’s what you’ve done. Dispensed with them!

And then another teacher enters the scene, and this time, it really IS the magic pill that’s going to end all your worries, fix your problems and really sort you out once and for all! Hurray! But…

OK, you see where I’m going with this! You're flip-flopping all over the place. Squandering your resources for things that ultimately do not deliver.

Our intentions are good with all this. I’ve done this myself more than I care to admit!

But there’s an important piece missing in all this: There is no One Size Fits All answer. 

Join me this week as we discuss how to tailor your upliftment to YOUR OWN needs of the moment, and negotiate on a higher turn of the spiral, with greater ease and insight, what’s next in your experience. 

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