#5: How To Program Your Mind To Get The Life You Want

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Today we’re continuing our discussion of The Three Phases of Transformation, and how you can activate them in your life. We are now on to Phase 3, my personal fave, as it is soooo juicy: Programming your mind with thoughts, beliefs and new habits, that YOU CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE, and that serve your well-being and success.


We go in depth on my favourite technique to reprogram your mind to achieve your goals and desires: Visualisation. We discuss how to visualise, and learn why and how visualisation works in the larger reality, as well as in your own brain. 

I share my top tips to how to visualise successfully, and give you loads of ideas to supercharge your visualisation ability and make it BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL so you can create your ideal life with ease!

I’ve also created a Visualisation Essentials Guide that you can download to easily get started on creating the things you want in your life!  It’s my NO-FLUFF, all you need to know essentials to start consciously creating your IDEAL LIFE today

Plus I get a little metaphysical discussing the nature of reality and the process of manifestation, from a thought or idea to its appearance on the physical plane.

And I’ll be nipping back in time to my 13 year old self to give my first boyfriend a good slapping! Yay!

A quick peek at today’s episode:

  • Why you should lose the attitude of “I can’t help it. That’s just the way I am.”
  • The most important factor in turning your life around and feeling good in your own skin.
  • How we create our own reality.
  • How to amplify your creative powers to manifest what you want in your life.
  • Why we attract the same situations again and again in our lives and how to break the cycle.
  • A quick discussion of reincarnation, karma, and the way it all works.
  • A little shortcut to learn life lessons without having to suffer.
  • A fun little practice to show you how easy it is to visualise.
  • Everything you always wanted to know about visualisation but were afraid to ask… ;)


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