#47: Change The Stories You Tell That Keep You Stuck

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This week we’re discussing why and how you should change the stories you tell yourself and others, because clinging to these stories is only keeping you stuck right in them!


For example, have you ever been talking with a friend, and she is going on and on and on about a problem, and you realise that every time you see her it’s the same old story, on and on, like a broken record?

Or maybe you’ve got a story you tell, complaining about some aspect of your life. You might even be telling it to others because within all its awfulness, it’s got a funny side. These stories are particularly hard to resist telling, because you enjoy making someone laugh, and it can feel good to share and commiserate. 

But here’s the thing to know. Whenever you tell that story, you are keeping it alive and creating more of the same for yourself in your future. You think you’re getting something off your chest, or sharing a funny story, and yes, you are doing those things. 

BUT, you are essentially misusing your creative power. Energy follows thought. That means that the things you repeatedly speak about and think about often and express with great feeling or emotion, are creating what you will experience in the future. 

This is how the creative process works.

So when you tell your stories that are not about what you actually want in your life, about all the things you’d rather not have or experience or deal with, you are keeping them alive and vibrationally active, and thus, you will continue to get more of the same. 

So it’s really important that we start thinking in a way that is beneficial to us, and really, to the world in general. Because we’re all in this together, creating away, for good or ill. We’re creating our lives individually, and we’re creating the world collectively.

It’s up to us what we energise and thus experience. We are constantly experiencing outwardly, what we are experiencing inwardly. It begins on the inside. It’s an inside-out process.

So how can we take charge of the narrative, and change the stories that are keeping us stuck?

Tune in to this week’s Sort Yourself Out Podcast, and you’re on your way!

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