#44: Detox Your Entire Being – Body, Emotions And Mind

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Are you ready to transform your well-being and amplify and your positive impact in the world?

This week’s podcast is jam-packed with goodness! We’re talking about how to cleanse your being on all levels, not just your body, but your mind and emotions as well!


So many of our health issues actually stem from the energetic toxins lurking in our minds and our emotional natures. 

Emotional and mental stress or trauma can cause blockages and imbalances in our energy field, which then manifest as illness in the physical body.

Any illness or inflammation occurs first in the energy body, before it descends into the dense physical body.

In this week's Sort Yourself Out Podcast we're discussing how to detox your mind and emotions, as well as the physical vehicle, and possibly clear illness at an energetic level before it descends into the physical body.

In this episode:

  • The energy system that underlies the physical body
  • How to REALLY treat the cause and not the effects of illness
  • Glamour, illusion and karma
  • The power of top-down techniques
  • 2 easy ways to detox your body
  • How to avoid fatigue following a detox
  • My go-to method for treating almost any health issue
  • Why people get the same illness again and again
  • Techniques to detox your mind and emotions
  • A quick peek at a cosmic detox!

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