#43: What Blocks You From Manifesting Your Desires

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Are you ready to transform your well-being and amplify and your positive impact in the world?

This week we’re discussing the main thing that blocks us from manifesting our desires. 


We’re committed to doing the inner work to create the things we want in our lives. We’re meditating, visualising, doing affirmations.

We’re putting in the effort, yet we’re still not getting the results we want.

It could be that we are missing an important part of the process, and that without it, we’re going to keep on getting wishy-washy, unsatisfactory or underwhelming results.

The issue here is that on some level we have resistance to what we are trying to achieve. And this resistance will sabotage all of our efforts.

But fret ye not, because I am going to show you a way, to circumvent the resistance so it’s not even an issue.

You’ve heard that phrase, that what you resist persists? So we don’t want to resist resistance! We want to sidestep it entirely, so that you can program, with ease, confidence and comfort, what you want into your mind, belief system and consequently your outer reality.

This week I share just how to do that!

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