#41: How To Snap Out Of A Bad Mood

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Are you ready to transform your well-being and amplify and your positive impact in the world?

This week on the Sort Yourself Out podcast we’re discussing how to snap out of a bad mood. And I’ve got an easy and fun technique to share, that will get you feeling good again. PRONTO!


We all experience bad moods from time to time. But it’s really important to know that we don’t have to stay there, wallowing in the crap. We can choose to get ourselves back into a positive frame of mind.

This is SOOO important, because energy follows thought. We create our reality, and manifest things into our lives, according to our dominant thoughts and emotions. 

It’s the thoughts we energise repeatedly with lots of emotion and feeling that create our reality, so it's important to know what's going on in your head, and to choose your thoughts carefully!

You don’t want to be hanging around in that bad mood, literally feeding unwanted, negative crap into your future manifestations. 

If you want good stuff in your future, it’s REALLY REALLY wise, to catch yourself in your negative mood, and CHOOSE to snap out of it.

This week I’m teaching you a fave NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) technique to do just that.

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