#3: The 3 Phases of Transformation and How to Activate Them in Your Life

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In this episode we’re picking up where we left off last week, discussing The Three Phases of Transformation, and how you can activate them in your life. We’re expanding on Phase 1 - Raising Your Awareness. And I’ll be discussing my favourite top-down practice to help you raise your awareness and discover the contents of your mind: meditation.

I know that people can really struggle with making meditation a daily practice, so I’m giving you a super easy and DOABLE method to get you going, that only takes 5 minutes!

And I’m also offering you a free guide that gives you all the details on how you do it, and how to make it a practice that sticks!

A quick peek at today’s episode:

  • What I consider to be the single, most powerful thing I’ve ever done, YES, EVER DONE, to improve my well-being.
  • How we acquire our hangups and limiting beliefs.
  • What stops us from making lasting change.
  • Some of the amazing benefits of meditation.
  • The little miracle that happens when you meditate, and why it is the best and most powerful benefit of all.
  • Why it’s not a good idea for beginners to meditate for long periods of time.
  • I get a little metaphysical on you, and discuss the ‘vertical aspects’ of meditation.
  • The quotation that blew my mind and led me to the Ageless Wisdom teachings.
  • How we bring into expression the qualities, talents and skills that the soul has been cultivating across countless incarnations.
  • Some fun yet enlightening book recommendations you don’t want to miss!

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