#12: How To Get Other People To Change

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Janine’s Quick Start Guide to Doable Meditation


Janine's Quick Start Guide To Doable Meditation

Get on your b​utt!

This week we’re discussing how to get other people to change. We all want this right? We’ve got these irritating people in our lives, with their irritating ways, and they drive us nuts!


Life’s irritations are countless and come at us from all angles: coworkers, family, road rage, physical health, world affairs and all manner of human discourtesy and ignorance. And if you’re a menopausal woman like me, you might be plumbing previously unknown depths of irritation! But fret ye not, my friend, as I’ve got a lot to offer on how we can get some relief!

So bung on your earphones as I am about to reveal the secret you need to know in order to get other people to change.

In this episode:

  • Why you might be thinking, “Oh come on Janine, up yours!”
  • The shift that deals with those perennial arguments with significant others that just won’t go away.
  • How to deal with the sh*t-talking automaton inside your head!
  • The game-changing realisation that allows you to interrupt old established dysfunctional patterns.
  • The one quality you must cultivate in order to stand firm in your authenticity when tricky conversations arise.
  • How to develop mental polarisation so that you can begin to hear the voice of the soul and up-level your relationships.


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