#11: How To Discover Your Higher Purpose

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I just loooove talking about this week’s podcast topic, How To Discover Your Higher Purpose. 


We all want to find our purpose in life. The fortunate among us find their calling early in life, but for many our purpose remains elusive, and we’re still figuring things out well into mid-life.

We’re going to be bringing in the Ageless Wisdom teachings to raise our vision to the bigger picture of life, and to look at your life purpose in a much more expanded context than just your career or your job.

I also stick my neck out in a discussion of karma, addressing the common thorny objection along the lines of "how can a poor defenseless baby be deserving of being born in a slum..." in this week’s episode.

Also in this episode:

  • Why mid-life is a propitious time to discover your purpose.
  • The role of karma in our purpose and relationships.
  • A look at the mystery of meeting someone new, yet feeling like you’ve known them all your life.
  • The bigger purpose of life on earth.
  • You were once a rock!
  • The basis of our interconnectedness.
  • Two things we need to do in order to comprehend karma.
  • Child prodigies explained!
  • Crises as the pointers to your purpose.


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