#103: Boost Your Brain Health And Mental Health With Tony Copeland-Parker

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Boost Your Brain Health And Mental Health With Tony Copeland-Parker

This week I’m talking to Tony Copeland-Parker about how to boost your brain health and mental health, and the role physical fitness plays in those.


Tony was a professional pilot for thirty-seven years, but when in his early fifties he needed a heart-valve replacement, and his partner Catherine was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, they decided to sell their home, retire from their jobs, and become nomads, running marathons and half-marathons all over the world.
Since then, he and his partner Catherine have traveled to eighty-two different countries and have run at least a half-marathon in thirty-five countries and on all seven continents! 

Tony shares his inspiring story with us and shows us how, through simple lifestyle changes and fulfilling experiences, we can learn to change our future through meaningful moments that spark joy.


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