SYO102 Flashback – How To Protect Yourself From Negative People And Influences

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Hi! Welcome to this flashback series, featuring some of my favourite episodes from the archives discussing key ideas and teachings that take us to the heart of who we are, reveal what makes us tick, and lead us to greater freedom and well-being. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


I bet you know this scenario: you bump into someone, and make the mistake of asking “How are you?”, and by the time that person has finished with their sad story of negativity and victimhood, you feel as if your life force has been drained from you. 

Their low vibration has rubbed off on you, and if you’re not careful, you’ll carry it around with you, possibly even believing that it’s yours!

Negativity comes at us from all directions. It’s floating round in the ether, just waiting to connect with someone of a similar vibration. And in recent months, with the coronavirus crisis, there’s been an enormous amount of fear and anxiety swirling around. 

I’ve been feeling extra sensitive lately, so I wanted to share some ways that we can protect ourselves, and keep our energies clear and untainted by other people and outside influences.

In this episode:

  • Why we have a greater capacity for pain as we evolve.
  • How to avoid attracting and contributing to psychic pollution.
  • A technique to get you out of your thoughts and emotions.
  • How to deal with negative atmospheres in rooms or larger spaces.
  • A preventative practice to protect you from negative vibes, but allow the good vibes to flow.
  • How to clear previous owners’ energies from second hand clothes.
  • Techniques to recalibrate your own energy system.
  • The importance of sharing good energy with the world.


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