Rev Up Your Good Vibes With Janine’s Inner Smile Meditation

Rev Up Your Good Vibes With Janine’s Inner Smile Meditation

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Feeling bummed? Out of sorts? Bemused by the weirdness of the world? Download my FREE guided Inner Smile Meditation and you’ll be feeling groovy in no time!

Meditation comes in all shapes and sizes and flavours. Today you’re in for a treat, as we’re going to ramp up the good vibes with a meditation I love so much that I’ve named numerous things after it, like it my ex-Ebay store, Inner Smile Shop (or Sourire Intérieur in French), back in the day when I was selling meditation supplies online.

This FREE guided meditation will not only leave you feeling calm and peaceful, but full of joy and connection with the world.

Uplift and Radiate

You will be able to go about your day, radiating the positive vibes of love and goodwill to everyone you meet.

Think about how having that attitude changes all of your interactions and actions:

  • People will love to be around you because of your almost palpable positive energy.
  • Your uplifted attitude will transfer into all of your activities, bringing elevated results.
  • Your higher vibration will allow better things to flow into your life.
  • You are spreading goodwill in the world, and raising the vibration of All-That-Is.

This last point may seem ephemeral, but your participation in raising the vibration of the Whole is a worthy contribution that is not to be sniffed at.

All For One

To make my point, imagine a world filled with self-interested people looking out for number one, ready to crush anyone who gets in the way of their selfish aims. This represents a very low vibration and level of activity in the world.

We see plenty of the this state in the world today, coming at us relentlessly from the news media, and those who want to maintain the status quo, keep us down, in confusion, and paralysed by the seeming impossibility of fixing the complex issues the world faces today.

One For All

Now imagine the opposite, a world where everyone is operating from a generous and loving state of mind. It would be nice, non? Peace, freedom and cooperation are words that spring to mind.

In that open and loving state of mind, we open to the inspiration from higher realms that can spark a revolutionary idea for the betterment of the world.

We have more power than we know!

We can change our state of mind, and the energy we offer to the world, at any given time. We just have to consciously decide to do so.

So get ready to give a gift to yourself and the world. All you need is 5 minutes, and the energy of a smile. :)

Do my Inner Smile Meditation, and go from bummed, to feeling groovy, like the sun shines out your ass! (Sorry! Couldn’t resist!)

You’ll be so glad you did.

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