How to Visualise Successfully

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Greetings my friends!

There’s no better way than visualisation to reprogram your mind to achieve your goals and desires.

Visualisation works on several levels. It creates new neural pathways in the brain, to establish new habits, behaviours and patterns of thinking, while the old, undesirable ones die from lack of use.

On a metaphysical level, visualisation, also known as using the creative imagination, is the creative force behind all of manifested reality, macrocosmic and microcosmic.

Visualisation is the creative force behind everything that has manifested on the physical plane.

What's In The Video?

Many people have trouble visualising, so in my video I break down how to visualise successfully to achieve your goals and dreams, including:

  • my top tips to make your visualisations fun and powerful
  • a fun little guided meditation to show you how easy it is to visualise using all your senses, so you can really supercharge your visualisation sessions
  • loads of ideas about WHAT to visualise, giving you the specific example of wanting to write a book, so you can take these ideas and apply them to manifest your own goals and desires.

We get a little metaphysical, and there's a special cameo appearance by Twiggy the dog, because she always likes to poke her little nose into things, and enjoys holding forth about the cosmic principles governing man and beast alike.

Check out what she has to say about the universal principle behind the creative capacities of visualisation, in her post Energy Follows Thought

I've created a free Visualisation Essentials Guide that you can download, to have the tips and ideas to hand when you need them.


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