Hi, I'm Janine...

Host of the SORT YOURSELF OUT PODCAST, natural health therapist for over 30 years, hypnotherapist, life-long student and spiritual seeker.

I like to seek out the most effective practices and techniques, that provide the greatest bang for my buck and the fastest route to freedom from whatever is holding us back.

I can’t wait to share with you these powerful techniques so that you too can sort yourself out, know deeper meaning in your life, and best of all, a sense of inner peace.

Janine Hunt

My personal mantra and raison d'être is:

Uplift yourself...

Inspire others...

Transform the ​​​​world.

Sounds lofty, right?!

But it's what happens naturally when we sort ourselves out, get rid of our hangups, and get our minds working for us and not against us.

I believe that we are each here on the planet to cultivate and unfold our unique qualities, talents, skills and gifts. 

But I know from experience that most of us will need to do some work on ourselves before we can really shine our light and give our best to the world. 

So I want to inspire as many people as possible to cultivate well-being on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

So that they in turn may inspire others.

Because our own well-being radiates out and uplifts everyone we meet.

Nice, eh?!


The Three Phases of Transformation

Raise your awareness



Discover the subconscious beliefs and conditioning that sabotage your success and aspirations.

Liberate yourself


Liberate yourself

Free yourself of the hangups and behaviour patterns based on these unhelpful and untrue beliefs.

Reprogramme your mind


Reprogram your mind

Reprogram your mind at the subconscious level with empowering beliefs that support your well-being.

Are you ready to start?


The Transform​​​​ation:


Janine’s Quick Start Guide to Doable Meditation

Janine’s Quick Start Guide to Doable Meditation

The Transform​​​​ation:


The Quantum Liberation Spa

The Quantum Liberation Spa Guided Meditation

The Transform​​​​ation:


Janine's Visualisation Essentials Guide

Janine’s Visualisation Essentials Guide

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Sort Yourself Out Podcast

So, about me...

I  am fascinated by the power of the mind to free us of our hangups and unwanted habits and behaviours.

But I came about it the hard way, through the need to SORT MYSELF OUT! 

In my life, I have liberated myself from several addictions and proceeded to heal myself of the self-hatred, shame and lack of self-esteem that were revealed when the addictions were no longing obscuring their presence. Honestly, it was ugly in there! I was a mess! I began seeking solace and meaning in life. And I found them.

My healing began in earnest following a weekend silent retreat at a mindfulness centre. I went from being an atheist disillusioned with the state of the world, to a reluctant spiritual seeker. A few  years on, I had questions about the nature of existence that were beyond the scope of the material I was contacting. In a series of synchronicities which were to change my life forever, the following quotation by Helena Blavatsky caught my attention and left me fascinated:

“Matter is spirit at its lowest point of manifestation and spirit is matter at its highest.”

And thus began my study of the the Ageless Wisdom, the spiritual teachings and the timeless principles at the heart of all spiritual traditions.

I have studied natural medicine for over 30 years in professional trainings that include naturopathy, advanced hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), aromatherapy, iridology, nutrition, reflexology, massage, cookery, meditation and philosophy.

I like to seek out the most efficacious remedies, treatments, practices and principles, that provide the most bang for my buck and that offer the greatest opportunity for healing.

I am Canadian, but have lived all my adult life in the beautiful countryside of France, with my artist husband Steve, and our beloved rescue dog Twiggy. For many years I ran a vegetarian guesthouse in our home. I stopped that when I began turning into Basil Fawlty. But with a captive audience of vegetarians and vegans in meaty and fishy France, I got plenty of opportunity to develop my love of cooking which I share occasionally on The Inspiration Cloud.

I am so looking forward to meeting you!