5 Minutes to Revitalise Your Energy and Boost Your Well-being

5 Minutes to Revitalise Your Energy and Boost Your Well-being

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Energy is not just the force that causes your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, and your cells to metabolize nutrients. It is also the intelligence that orchestrates millions of such biological actions every second.

Donna Eden, Energy Medicine, p. 18


The essential healing practice to revitalise your energy and boost your well-being

What if I told you there was a simple practice you could do that would vastly improve your health and well-being, and that it costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time? Well happily I have such a practice up my sleeve. It’s a daily energy routine by renowned healer and energy medicine teacher, Donna Eden. I’ve been using it myself for several months, and its value is apparent!

How it improved my long-standing tendinitis

I have had rotator cuff tendinitis in my left shoulder for a year, and nothing I tried would shift it. And believe me, as a naturopath working in an organic co-op full of supplements, and a believer in chucking as much at a problem as possible and approaching it from all angles, I tried loads of things over the year.

It had got to the point where I was having trouble getting dressed as my range of movement was so limited, and that I couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep in. Also, perhaps worst of all, I was gaining weight as I could no longer do my preferred method of exercise, kettlebells. (There might have been a bit of ice cream involved too…)

Within a couple of weeks of doing this routine, I noticed a big improvement in my range of movement. I wasn’t getting stuck in my tops as I got undressed any more! I could reach behind my back with my left hand! No biggies for most people, but after a year of it getting progressively worse I was thrilled.

How it works

All is energy. Even solid objects are congealed energy. Behind the matter of the physical body lies an energy system that is connected to the energy fields of the planet and the solar system. Through these greater systems in which we live, move and have our being, our dense physical bodies are nourished with prana (also known as chi or qi) via our individual etheric energy body.

The etheric body is the electrical system of the human body, constituted of the meridians, the pathways that transport energy throughout the body, and the chakras, the subtle energy centres which influence the organs in their proximity and govern psychological and spiritual development.

Balance your energy

Sickness and imbalance manifest in our energy system before they appear in our physical body. So a daily routine that addresses these energy disturbances or blockages can clear a problem before it even becomes physically apparent. Or if a problem already exists, as in my case with the tendonitis, it can re-establish an open flow of energy and bring the body back into balance.

There are so many things that can affect us energetically and throw our system out of whack:

  • emotional disturbances
  • stress – physical, emotional or mental
  • electro-magnetic fields in the atmosphere, from wi-fi, cell phones and electrical appliances
  • allopathic medicines
  • a sedentary lifestyle
  • toxins present in our food and water, among others.

And we’ve all encountered those life-sucking individuals whose negative impact can destabilise us and reside in our consciousness for days or even years.

Donna Eden, who has developed multi-sensory perception beyond the 5 senses through which most of us contact the world, can see the latticework of energies that make up the body. She says that,

When a client’s energies are humming, an exquisite, pulsating, captivating scene is laid out in front of me, as if ribbons of energy are moving up and down the body, weaving intricate patterns. The energy pathways are open and spacious rather than dense and congested. Like an endless waterfall, other energies spill up and over the top of the head, and a field of energy surrounds and caresses the body.

Nice, eh?!

Interestingly, according to the Ageless Wisdom, this is a developmental stage which all humans will eventually attain as their consciousness expands and its focus rises up through the energy centres. So we have that to look forward to!

Below is a quick summary of the steps of the routine and its benefits. Please see the video by Donna Eden further down to learn how to do the routine. After a week or so you will pick it up and no longer need to be watching it, and can incorporate it easily into your day whenever suits.

The basic routine

  1. The Three Thumps
  2. The Cross Crawl
  3. The Wayne Cook Posture
  4. The Crown Pull
  5. The Neurolymphatic Flush
  6. The Zip-up

1. The Three Thumps: energise when feeling tired, aid focus and concentration, boost the immune system, increase strength and vitality, and balance blood sugar.

Thump one: Tap firmly or massage the K-27 acupressure points, below the collar bone.
Thump two: Tap firmly or massage the area over your thymus gland, a couple of inches below the K-27 point in the centre of your chest.
Thump three: Tap firmly with several fingers below the breasts.

2. The Cross Crawl: a vigorous marching on the spot, swinging your arms and lifting your knees for 20 or so steps, establishes the crossover of energies between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and from the right hemisphere of the brain to the left side of the body and vice versa, to harmonise your energies, improve coordination, clarity of thought and overall balance.

3. The Wayne Cook Posture: re-orders and unscrambles chaotic energies, useful in times of emotional overwhelm or upset, allowing you to focus, gain perspective, restore clarity of thought and also aid learning. This is quite a twisted and complicated posture to explain, so please see the video by Donna Eden for this and the following exercises.

4. The Crown Pull: makes space in your skull for energy, blood and lymph to flow. Affecting the crown chakra, this exercise calms the nervous system, releases accumulated energies from the brain, aids the ability to think clearly and opens you to higher inspiration.

5. The Neurolymphatic Flush: boosts immunity and stimulates lymphatic circulation, aids detoxification of waste products and toxins, including emotional, energetic and electromagnetic pollution.

6. The Zip-up: this exercise traces the central meridian from the pubic bone to the lower lip, protecting you from the negative energies of others or of the environment, and helping you to feel more confident and positive.



Tips for success and to make this a lasting routine

  • Get the most out of this routine by doing it early in the day.
  • Do it before meditation, to instill calm and ordered energy, and to improve receptivity to inspiration.
  • It can be easier to group togther habits you wish to instill. Performing the routine and meditation consecutively will help you to establish the daily rhythm of each.
  • Daily use will produce cumulative effects over time. The longer you do it the better you get!
  • Remember to use this routine, or its individual components, as a support in times of stress, fatigue or overwhelm, to help yourself move through the situation with balance and integrity.

This routine delivers results!

Like meditation, this routine sets me up for the day and prepares me to tackle whatever the day has in store for me, physically, emotionally and mentally. It really provides a bang for my buck, so to speak, for such a small investment of my time. And that’s what I love: applying the practices to life that provide the most value on all levels.

A couple of months on, my shoulder is improving on a daily basis, so that sometimes it feels totally normal. I am back to my kettlebell workouts and losing weight. There is also a distinct lack of ice cream in the freezer!

And what’s not to like about treating potential problems before they manifest as physical illness? Natural health is all about being proactive and preventative, and treating causes rather than symptoms.

So give it a try, and then keep at it! Remember that all is energy, and in just a few minutes a day, you can revitalise and balance your being, and then bring this self to the world.

Let me know how you get on. I would love to hear from you, how this routine has affected your well-being.

Are there any well-being practices you recommend?

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    Wow! I just did this and it actually made me feel better!

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    Thanks Janine!

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