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How to Visualise Successfully

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Greetings my friends!There’s no better way than visualisation to reprogramme your mind to achieve your goals and desires. Visualisation works on … Read More

Rev Up Your Good Vibes With Janine’s Inner Smile Meditation

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Feeling bummed? Out of sorts? Bemused by the weirdness of the world? Download my FREE guided Inner Smile Meditation and you’ll … Read More

Energy Follows Thought

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A picture paints a thousand words, and this photo of moi above is a masterclass in “Energy Follows Thought”. So … Read More

Green Mango Salad-Transport Yourself to Thailand

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Is green mango salad the best salad in the world? Quite possibly! So deeply satisfying, with its sweet, tart, piquant … Read More

My Favourite Herbal Stimulant

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Most of us can use a boost from time to time, and I have a favourite herb I like to … Read More

3 Extraordinary Natural Health Supplements the French Adore and the Rest Ignore

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What do the French know that the rest of us don’t? After many years advising clients at La Co-op Bio, … Read More

Today My Neighbour Mooned Me!

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The image of the 91 year old buttocks is seared on my brain! I was trotting along, pursuing important business… Read More

Awaken Your Innate Superpower and Transform Your Life

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We’ve all been there: experienced the mind-numbing effects of someone who talks and talks and talks without ever saying anything … Read More